1. Send us a clear photo of your pet.

Pose your pet and snap a clear picture with your smartphone or camera.  Make sure your pet is in full focus and do not cut off any part of your pet’s body.

2. Let us handle the rest.

Once we’ve received your pet’s picture, our graphic designers will expertly cut out your pet from the picture and send it back to you for approval.

3. Sit back and wait.

We’ll begin production on your Pet Pillow after you’ve approved the cutout picture. Production usually takes 1-2 days, and we’ll ship it out as soon as it’s finished.

Pet Pillows – Three Sizes!

We currently offer 3 different sizes for Pillow Pets.  The Mini Size is our smallest size at 4 inches on its longest side.  It also includes a small nylon tie so that you can use it as a keychain.  Our next size up is the Large Size and it is 15 inches on its longest size.  Our largest size is the Giant Size pet pillow which is 40 inches on its longest side.  Just send us a picture of your pet to get started!

Personalized Pet Leash, Collar, and Pet Tag

If you’re looking for a company who makes personalized pet leashes, collars, and pet tags for your pets in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place!  These are unique pet accessories because you can print any design you want onto front and back of your pet leash, collar, or pet tag.  We’ll even create your personalized design for you.  Just send us your pictures and ideas and we’ll send you a free mockup of your design.

Royal Pet Portraits

Want to make a painting of your pet as a royal official from the past?  Just send us a picture of your pet and we’ll create a customized Royal Pet Portrait from your pet’s picture!  The painting comes printed on an 8″x12″ canvas, suitable for hanging on the wall or displaying on an easel.

Customized Pet Bandanna

Make your pets look stylish and cool!  The customized pet bandana is a neckerchief that can be printed with your own design. You can easily tie the bandana around your dog or cat’s neck. Create any bandanna design you want or ask us to help you, and we’ll have your design printed directly onto the bandanna.

Customized Sublimation Pet Bandanna - Dog and Cat Bandana
15"x15" Throw Pillow

15″x15″Throw Pillow

A Perfect all around pillow andis a great size for displaying a photo collage or a picture of your favorite pet and we will create a custom 15″x15″Throw Pillow.

As Featured on TV!

Kuya Kim of the hit TV show Matanglawin featured our Pet Pillows on his show! Watch the episode where they visit our factory to show our manufacturing process. Order here if you want to get your own Pet Pillows like the ones they featured on this show.

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